Many schools now use mass messaging to convey some information to parents. So what kind of text messages do teachers generally send to parents? How to edit the text messages sent by teachers to parents in groups?

What kind of text messages do teachers usually send to parents?

Generally, teachers send messages to parents in the following categories: ① holiday notice; ② school start reminder; ③ activity notice; ④ test score notice; ⑤ parent meeting notice; ⑥ questionnaire survey; ⑦ homework guidance; ⑧ payment notice.

How to edit text messages sent by teachers to parents? The editor here has collected some good templates for your reference:

① Order before the exam

[Xx school xx class] Dear parents, hello! Next week is the mid-term exam time from Monday to Wednesday. Parents please remind their children to arrange a reasonable time to review their homework, and promptly encourage the children, cheer, and help the children to let go Thought baggage, enhance self-confidence.

②Notice of test results

[Xx school] Dear parents of xx, your child’s scores in each subject in this mid-term exam are as follows: Chinese 90, Mathematics 89, English 95. The detailed transcript has been issued to your child, please ask your child for it.

③Notice of parent meeting

[Xx school] Dear parents of xx, a parent meeting of sixth grade students is scheduled to be held at 15:00 on X, X, X (week X) at the school auditorium. Please attend the meeting on time.

④Remind before school starts

[Xx school] Dear parents, the new semester is about to begin. Parents are requested to prepare the necessary learning tools for their children to enter school. Let the children receive their hearts at home in advance and prepare for the new semester!

⑤ School opening notice

[Xx school] Dear parents of xx, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education of XX Province, our school has decided to start school on X, XX. In order to ensure that everyone enters the school smoothly during the epidemic, and arrive at school after 10:00, students need to take their temperature at the school gate before entering the school. I hope you understand, thank you.

⑥ Homework guidance

[Xx school] Hello, parents, today’s homework has been sent out. I hope you will communicate with your children in your spare time. If you encounter knowledge that your children and you don’t understand, you can ask the teacher for advice.

⑦ Questionnaire survey

[Xx school] Warm reminder: “A Letter to Parents of Students” has been distributed to students. Parents, please read them carefully, fill in the contents of the return receipt, and have your children on Monday next week (August 18) Handed in to school in the morning.

The above is the introduction of the editor on “How to edit the text messages sent by teachers to parents in groups”, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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