Parents with four-legged gold swallowing beasts are very troublesome after their children go to school, especially in kindergartens or elementary schools. The children are relatively young and have no self-custodial ability. They need to work with guardians, teachers, and schools. Under common supervision, grow up healthily. In the process of nurturing their children, parents must find that since their children go to school, they will pay more and more attention, whether the children are well-behaved at school, do they get along well with their classmates, do they study well, or go to school During the process, what is the performance? These are all within the sight of teachers and parents, so what role does the group SMS play in it? The editor will give you an analysis, and you will understand.bulk sms sending in school training institutions

First, some children start parent-child classes when they are very young. In order to cultivate all aspects of thinking skills, physical coordination skills, etc., it may be a child of a few months, and parents may take parent-child classes. Sex. At this time, most of the text messages are marketing text messages, that is, some parent-child classes have obtained the contact information of some newborn children’s parents through some channels. With the advantages of the curriculum, they can attract the attention of the baby’s parents through the method of mass text messaging. The text messages at this time are also sent to the parents of the children. There are also class reminders, such as course adjustments, or sudden changes in the weather. Warm reminders to parents are indispensable.

Second, for children who are new to kindergarten, before the child enters school, parents will also receive some tuition discounts and kindergarten advantage advertising text messages. Usually after the child enters the kindergarten, the kindergarten will have parent WeChat groups, but some marketing text messages, Personalized customization is not suitable for general notification in the group, you can use the SMS platform to send personalized SMS.

Third, after children enter elementary school, as they grow older, they have a stronger sense of self, such as who they play with, what they like to do, and even start to learn to lie. In order to process children’s education, many elementary schools have educational administration systems. Through the educational administration system, the teacher in the class can send the student’s recent performance to parents, or through the education system, trigger the leave mechanism. After the student asks for leave, Parents send leave messages to prevent some elementary school students from leaving school privately. Parents do not know and neglect to raise their children. Recommended reading: the content of group text messages sent by education training and counseling institutions

Fourth, after children enter middle school, SMS group messaging applications are the most popular, such as school start SMS notifications, holiday SMS notifications, large-scale events held by the school, and personalized SMS notifications for test results.

The above are some of the applications of SMS group sending in school training institutions, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.