The epidemic has passed, and many companies have begun to resume work, and restaurants are no exception. How to use text messages to remind customers to take protective measures while promoting publicity? The following are some templates for group messaging in the catering industry collected by the editor . For reference!

During the epidemic, takeaway is online! We promise to only make assured quality, conscientious ingredients, and provide you with safe and healthy meals. Order food by calling 150XXXXX, free delivery to your home! [XXX Drunk Goose]

Dear members, we have passed the inspection and approval of the government department, and the trial operation will resume at 19:00 today. With this information, come to the store and enjoy a snack. Look forward to your visit [XXXX Hotel]

Dear member: The epidemic is raging, and health is the priority; thank you for your trust and support, we will give you 6 boxes of enterotoxin-clearing fruit enzymes, please call us! Speed ​​dial 010-xxxxx【XX Technology】

Dear customer: The epidemic has completely ended. In order to better serve everyone, we have prepared infrared thermometers, disinfectants, 75% alcohol, disinfection cabinets and other supplies. Please wear a mask and come over for dinner. You can enjoy 8 Discount! 【XXX Catering】

The above is the text messages collected by the editor for the resumption of work and production after the epidemic situation in the catering industry. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.