There are many gas stations now, and the competition is very high. Many gas stations will often carry out some activities, and then use the SMS platform to send messages to members to inform the details of the activities, so as to avoid the loss of car owners. The following is a collection of some for everyone. The content templates of group SMS messages commonly used in gas stations are for your reference:OR BULK message sent by the gas station to the member

Promotional reminder SMS:

[Xx Come on] Customers who refuel over 200 yuan in a single time from xx on xx will receive xxx, so stay tuned! Tel: 5***80, Address: ****, unsubscribe back to T

[Xx Petroleum] Dear members, xx Petroleum Jinshui Road Station, free car wash card will be given if you refuel over 200 yuan, scan the code in the station to receive it! Valid within 15 days after receipt!

[Xx Petroleum] Free glass water, wet tissues and mineral water for free! Jinshui Road, Huayuan Road, xx oil, will be delivered as soon as you refuel, hurry up and participate in the activity. Event Date: August 20th-August 31st.

[Xx Petroleum] Xincheng Road Jinxin Petroleum refuels over 200 yuan, pays with Alipay to enjoy 8 yuan discount coupon, recharges 10,000 yuan fuel card to get fuel treasure! 0371-5526***

Reminder SMS of card discount:

[Xx Petroleum] Dear members: recharge 1,000 yuan to get 200 yuan, and recharge 10,000 yuan to get 1500 yuan! For details, the original price of yogurt is 5 yuan a bottle, but now it is 3 yuan a bottle. The event ends on August 31.

Store celebration event reminder SMS:

[Xx Gas Station] **Anniversary Store Celebration Thanksgiving Activity. ***It will be held on **day. You can get *** with this text message and have the opportunity to get a gift. The quantity is limited. Address: xxxx, phone xxxx.

Coupon gift reminder SMS:

[Xx Petroleum] Dear member, you have two 10 yuan Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake special coupons to be used. Low-sugar and low-fuel, Jinxin Petroleum is a customized product. It is only sold exclusively at Jinxin Petroleum gas station. You can also get gasoline coupons when you purchase. Please consult the site for details.