In order to encourage owners to actively pay property fees, many property companies generally give some gifts to owners who have paid property fees in advance. They often use SMS platforms to send messages to owners about the activity information of prepaid property fees and gifts, then prepaid property fees will be sent. How to edit the content of the gift event SMS group sending? The following is a collection of some prepaid property fees to send gifts activity SMS group content templates for your reference:

①In order to give back to the owners for their strong support to the property company over the years, the “Prepaid Property Fees and Gifts Activity” will be launched at the end of the year. Pre-store 1,000 yuan to send a 5L bucket of Fulinmen pure coriander seed oil, and a 1.2kg bottle of Liby detergent; pre-store 1,500 yuan, send a 5L bucket of Fulinmen pure coriander seed oil, and 1 bag of Arowana fragrant rice 5kg; pre-store. .. Activity time: From December 15, 2020 to December 31, 2020 at 17:30 pm.

②[Huabanli Property] Dear owners and residents: Hello! Property payment in 2021 has started. For owners who actively pay for the property, they can get a 10kg bag of special rice or a box of high-quality mangoes provided by the property. Gifts are limited and first come first served.

③[Huabanli Property] xx community owners, hello, in order to better serve everyone, all owners who have paid the 2021 property fee before December 15, 2020 without any historical arrears, can get The residential property company provides a gift box blanket or a 2.5-liter pot of Arowana salad oil.

④【xx Property】Dear owners: Hello! In order to thank you for your long-term understanding and support of our property work, xx Property has launched the “Paying Property Fees and Gifts Activity” from this month. For owners without any historical arrears, from December 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020 If you prepay the property management fee for the whole year of 2021 during the period, you can pick up 1 bag of 5kg high-quality rice of Yagong + 1 mention of the heart-shaped paper at the property service center with the charge receipt.

The above is the content template for group sending of prepaid property fees and gifts, which is collected by the editor for everyone. You can refer to and edit according to your specific activities.