Tips for Bulk SMS marketing

Tips for Bulk SMS marketing

Tips for Bulk SMS marketing

Bulk SMS group marketing is a common marketing method used by merchants and enterprises. Although SMS marketing is simpler than other marketing methods, it also requires some skills. Otherwise, the effect of SMS marketing is not ideal. So what skills are needed for SMS marketing?

1. First classify SMS marketing objects

By categorizing marketing objects, you can edit targeted SMS content for different customers, so that SMS marketing will be more accurate, customers will be more acceptable, and the effect will naturally be better.

2. Edit attractive content

Note the following three points when editing SMS marketing content:

① Strive for simplicity

The content of the short message is concise and can not tolerate an extra word. In this regard, it may be more demanding than general advertising copywriting. General advertising can also use graphics and images, while text messages only rely on text.

② Highlight the characteristics

To highlight the characteristics of your business, especially some SMS advertisements about promotions, you must express the preferential content or promotional content concisely and accurately. Let customers understand by just reading this text message. You have to believe that customers don’t have one more second to think about the content of the message, so you need to make the message more straightforward, more prominent, and simpler.

③ Classic and vivid

The words should be classic and vivid, and the audience should not be bored at the first glance, and deleted before reading. Therefore, SMS advertising should not be too commercial. It is necessary to organically integrate good wishes, humorous stories and advertising content. To show these in a very limited number of words, the business side needs to pay more attention.

The content of a short message should not exceed 64 characters, that is, no more than the number of characters in the content of a short message, so as to prevent some users from being affected by the model, resulting in incomplete message content information.

If you want people to have the desire to buy, you must add color to the content of the short message to extract the attractiveness to the customer. We must continue to accumulate good text messages, and we must study the text messages pushed by the platform at ordinary times, and the inefficient text messages are repeatedly adapted to achieve a final efficient conversion rate.

3. Appropriate sending time

SMS marketing should also pay attention to the choice of sending time, choose a time that is suitable for customers to accept. Generally speaking, you can choose a time period that is easy for customers to send, such as 10-12 in the morning, 3-5 in the afternoon, and no one wants to do it in the morning. Received marketing text messages. In addition, you can also choose the right time according to the characteristics of your customer type. Generally, you will know the result after a few text messages. For example, if you promote an external app, you must choose the most appropriate half an hour before the meal. This time after the customer receives the text message , If you find a discount, you will download the app.

4).do a good job of monitoring

In addition to the above points, it is also necessary to monitor the real-time arrival rate, arrival time, etc. of short messages sent to see if there are any abnormalities, from evaluating the quality of the SMS platform.

5. Do a good job in data analysis

After each SMS marketing, we must do a good job of statistical analysis of data, so as to summarize valuable experience. The meaning of data is not only for the results of the data, but also for the summary and reflection on one’s own work. The data of each SMS marketing must be analyzed, and the same type of SMS must be compared and analyzed. After the comparison, why the data conversion effect of a certain SMS Well, we must study at this time, and use the final solution.

The above is the introduction of the editor on “Skills you need to know for SMS marketing”, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you have any questions, you can consult us online.

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