Transactional bulk SMS uses for various industry

Transactional bulk SMS uses

Transactional bulk SMS uses

we know if we started any business we required marketing it may be traditional marketing or digital marketing due to no of limitation traditional marketing techniques going to be old but we can use digital marketing if we have the different marketing goal it may be for lead generation or for increase traffic on a website or social sites in this digital marketing filed SMS marketing play an important role today we see Transactional bulk SMS use for various industry and how they use.

Transactional bulk SMS uses in every industry some of the telecom, hospital, hotels, government notification, banking sector, private classes school, and colleges these are the major industry where we can use transactional bulk SMS now we will see in detail that how this industry use tractional SMS in an effective way.

Telecom industry 

If we see when our mobile recharge end at a specific date then before the end telecom company send  SMS that your recharge is going to end so please recharge or when using daily 50 % or 90 % and 100 % then they send you that you use 50 % data form daily use another example after successful recharge as well as after talking with customer care for all this they use SMS so we are connecting with due to this so telecom industry use most transactional SMS to communicate to their customer.

Transactional SMS use for Hotels and restaurant 

For maintaining healthy relations with customers hotels and restaurants use transactional SMS. when you visit any hotels and restaurants then if you stay there then they provide all details through SMS as well as, about food and drink and many more after returning back they send feedback message, offer messages and more and it helps to maintain their relationship.

Transactional SMS use for Private schools and collages

Another industry which is used bulk SMS on large scale is the education industry where private classes, schools, and colleges use SMS for various reasons like if you want to send notification regarding admission opens for ….. standard from the date…to … from …classes/school/college .as this way you can send admission SMS. as well as for fees you can send ,as well as attendance report can send via SMS for fees installment these are major reason where they can use bulk SMS.

Banking sector

The banking industry is another large scale user of transaction SMS where they can send you debited credited messages as well atm availability and regarding deduction of any charges due to this we are able to know how much balance we have any more things