Transactional SMS service in india

Transactional sms for your business

Transactional SMS for your business

                          we know Transactional SMS is the SMS which is used for the order, appointment booking, informational SMS .transaction id known as 6 number id transaction SMS send 24 hrs at any time. if you are looking transactional SMS service then visite our website – .

examples of Transitional SMS

many times we can see if we order something for an e-commerce site then we get an SMS when our order is shipped or a tracking message link so we can track our product.

or if we purchase something from the store then they send us to the online receipt that is one type of Transactional SMS.

if we go to any 5-star hotels if we register their our details then they provide all details regarding their service or anything everywhere nowadays use transaction SMS for one of the types of greeting.

Why use Transactional SMS

many times we have to send notifications to all students or to send birthday messages to company employees then as well as if someone registers your product ,someone booking trvals,train,bus or we get messages from ecoommerce website all this  type of work or task we need Transactional SMS .

Tips for  run successful bulk SMS campaigns

1.)Know your Target Customer and build SMS Targeting list

first, you have to select your target customer base and you have to separate such contact by your category means if you have to send messages of real estate then you have to target job person and business person people.

2.)Try  personalized Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign

                   if you send a message using the personal name of the customer then it is beneficial for us people attracted more or they think the sender who personally care of me as a customer it is helpful for making good relationships.

3) never waste the time of the customer

if you send any message then mentions all things very carefully so people easily get what you try to tell customers via SMS so don’t waste time make everything clear.

4.) use pickup time for the campaign 

you have to know on which time people see mobile or free to check notification which is get on WhatsApp or FB or other social media platform so that time we use for our campaign