The arrival rate of SMS group sending is an important factor that affects the effect of SMS marketing. Therefore, businesses and businesses are very concerned about this issue.What are the factors that affect the arrival rate of SMS we will discuss

1. Mass SMS data quality

The quality of SMS group sending data is an important factor affecting the arrival rate of SMS group sending. The number of wrong numbers, duplicate numbers, empty numbers, shutdowns, blacklists and other numbers in the SMS group sending data cannot receive SMS messages. The number of such numbers directly affects the arrival rate of SMS group sending.

2. SMS group sending content

According to the content of enterprise SMS group sending, it can be divided into three categories:

Industry text messages: verification code text messages of software systems such as websites and apps, and notification text messages of e-commerce, supermarkets, and logistics industries;

Marketing SMS: SMS for marketing purposes in shopping malls, supermarkets, e-commerce and other industries, such as discounts on event promotions, new product launches, point redemption, etc.;

Four types of short messages: four types (real estate, education, immigration and study, finance)

In these three categories, the arrival rate of industry SMS and marketing SMS is relatively high, and industry SMS is higher than marketing SMS. Among the four types of SMS, due to high complaints and restrictions by some operators, the arrival rate is generally not high.

3. SMS channel

This is related to the strength of the SMS group sending company. A formal and capable SMS group will have a high-quality 106 SMS channel, and the arrival rate will naturally be high. Therefore, when choosing a group SMS company, you must be cautious and avoid choosing some Informal, weak company.

What are the characteristics of a formal and powerful SMS group? The most notable feature of a formal and powerful SMS group is that it will provide customers with a status receipt report after the SMS group is sent, so that customers can clearly understand the sending status of each SMS in the SMS group, such as which SMS is successfully sent and which SMS Sending failed, and the specific reason for the failure.

4. Whether the SMS group sending is “deducted”

Some unhealthy SMS group sending companies in the market tend to entice customers at low prices, and then secretly “deduct the amount” when they truly cooperate, which seriously affects the arrival rate of SMS group sending. It is recommended that when selecting the SMS group sending platform, choose the platform that provides the SMS group sending receipt report. You can clearly know the SMS sending situation, know which SMS is successfully sent and which SMS fails to send, and avoid being “deducted”.

The above is the introduction of the editor of Lexin SMS platform on “What are the factors that affect the arrival rate of SMS group sending”, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.