what is the meaning of inbound marketing and outbound marketing?

what is inbound and outbound marketing?

what are inbound and outbound marketing?

Welcome back to another blog on digital marketing. Today we will see details about another part of digital marketing that is inbound marketing and outbound marketing. today we get details about inbound marketing and outbound marketing an example of this.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is one type of business methodology by creates valuable content and customizes with the help of our experience.

We can connect with the audience in different ways like a blog post, social post .as well as we can share with friends that links.

example of inbound marketing

If we write a blog regarding  any product tools or foods then it is impacting more than normal banner ads means we will customize our skills on the basis of customer requirements and other things that are call inbound marketing

Amul India is one of the big brands who is following every trend and making ads according to that make poster according to that is also we can call inbound marketing.

Outbound marketing

If we discuss outbound marketing then we can say that we follow the same path means it one type of marketing where we can post much time other content who don’t like our audience or customer .or we can tell our customers the same thing who already know so people always not interested in your content

example of outbound marketing

Any product-based company or any agency who post only regarding their product or service related but do not advertise with new trending subject.

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