WhatsApp Marketing: Use, Advantages, Tips, Idea


whatsapp marketing

WhatsApp marketing: use,advantages,tips,idea


WhatsApp marketing is one of the parts of digital marketing where we can interact with our customers, make good relationships, or make brand awareness, and as well as we can use it as a lead generation platform.it is too easy to use. we will cover some points regarding WhatsApp marketing: use,advantages,tips,idea and another point


WhatsApp marketing: use,advantages,tips,idea

      1. the reason behind using  WhatsApp Marketing for Your Business?
      2. Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing for Your Business
      3. WhatsApp Marketing Strategy
      4. WhatsApp Marketing Ideas and Examples
      5. WhatsApp Marketing Tips

1) Reason using WhatsApp marketing

all of you know users of WhatsApp increase day by day there are 340 million users alone in India who use WhatsApp .so that is the main reason is the large customer base and if we discuss the world there are 2 billion users of WhatsApp.

as well as most of the customers are communicate via WhatsApp it is easy to send maps, documents, images, video, locations as compared to other chat platform.


2. Advantages of WhatsApp Marketing for Your Business

there are lots of benefits of using WhatsApp marketing for your business

making good relationships with customers

over 55% of people feel more connected to a brand if they connected via messaging.it helps to send some kind of information via image, WhatsApp, graphics info making such connection helps brands cut expenditures as customer retention is 5-25 times cheaper than acquisition.


Higher conversion rate

Choosing an ideal channel for your preliminary touch with clients is crucial. People may also get disgruntled with phone calls at the same time as staying inaccessible via e-mail or social media. Here is in which WhatsApp is available to nudge your potentialities toward the purchase. Businesses say that clients replied 40% in their WhatsApp messages. Better yet, messaging drives conversions. Namely, messaging after preliminary touch with a prospect can grow the conversion charge by 112.6%. However, WhatsApp advertising isn’t the handiest manner to enhance your conversions. If you need to research a few extra tricks, comply with our complete manual on conversion charge optimization.

Better sales

WhatsApp marketing work as the simplest way where we can add our WhatsApp number or WhatsApp button to our website there 27 % chances of conversion.

you can consider WhatsApp a stand-alone sales channel for your business. It’s possible with the growing tendency for people to buy through messaging apps. Roughly 60% of consumers believe they will use messengers more to make purchases in the future.

Lower cost of marketing

WhatsApp is still an affordable marketing strategy as compared to other digital marketing ideas WhatsApp marketing drives more conversions, improves sales, allows you to build deep quality relationships with customers, and costs next to nothing in terms of marketing expenditures. Read further to learn how to build a WhatsApp marketing strategy.

3)WhatsApp marketing strategy you must use

there are some points for using how to use strategy fist we have to clear that what is the purpose behind our WhatsApp marketing, is brand awareness or get more leads, or get more visitors to our website .first we have to fix that then we have to make a plan according to that  .as well we have to fix audience what type audience we need for product or service then we have to design messaging platform while if customer visit first time through WhatsApp then what type of text be delivered to person as well if we have product list we can make a catalog of that product send easily customer we can send flyer and graphics quotation using WhatsApp. This strategy you can use

4)  WhatsApp Marketing Ideas 

many brands use the WhatsApp platform to communicate with users here are some examples naukari.com,99acers.com, NetFlix the reason behind that it’s making a strong bond between customer and brand.


5) WhatsApp Marketing Tips

  1. make a broadcast list-by using the broadcast list you can send messages, graphics, pdf individually.
  2. create a catalog of products or services -it helps to a customer what type of services you give
  3. you can make group -it helps to clear doubt or communicate many customers at once 
  4. create story/status -people are quietly interested in stories and status it helps us in brand awareness        

this is all about WhatsApp marketing we discuss plan strategy hope it helps to increase sales of your brand.