How to decide which platform is best for advertising

How to decide which platform is best for advertising

How to decide which platform is best for advertising

we know every business need advertisement so we have to make plan according to our business and decide what is the best way of advertising so consider such topic and we will discuss on that . and decide best platform for advertising

1) Business type

Means your company business is product base or if you are a product maker or you have a factory then you need B2B marketing because you have to target dealer and distributor related products in B2B marketing contain Linkedin marketing and google ads marketing as well as video marketing.

If you are a small businessman or service provider at some location then you have multiple options to advertise your business advertising on Facebook Instagram as well as google my business ads.

2) Advertising motive

For what purpose you are doing ads according to that you can run ads like if you want to visit people or customers to your business location then you can run Google Maps ads on search ads as well as in-display ads.

If you want to influence people or reach out to many people then you just run Facebook and Instagram ads then you get the impression of many people.

3) location base

If you are running a business online then you don’t need to any office location you can run using online platforms for advertising you can use google ads Facebook ad Instagram ads for the target location and you can accept payment online using different platforms.

If your business is located in a particular location so you have made such a campaign that people can come to your location buy your product so your customer base belongs to a particular location so make a campaign.

4) Analysis of your previous campaign

First, you have to use all platforms for advertising make a conclusion from that on which platform you get more results in the form of leads, like, share as well as the quality of leads and the cost per lead and using this analysis you can make your strategy because without study and analyzation you cannot run a successful campaign.

Using all these criteria you can find your best advertising platform where you can advertise your business.