Which marketing is better for Diwali sell

Which marketing is better for Diwali sell

Which marketing is better for Diwali sell

    now some of us looking for buying something whatever it may be it’s maybe clothes, etc for Diwali .every festival has its moto and according to this we have to make a plan for that, but no of businessman still worrying that how they can advertise their business online and we also tell you that which marketing is better for Diwali sell.

Now we are going to see one by one what type of marketing we can do for our business 

Bulk SMS marketing 

most people are looking for buying homes or cars on the occasion of Diwali so we can do a bulk SMS  campaign, if you have running a real estate business then it is the best opportunity for you can target businessmen and job people and send SMS regarding your new project so people get interested by your offer as it is car showrooms also can run such campaign .it is cheap as compared to other digital marketing services 

Google ads and Facebook ads 

most people searching nearest shop or Diwali offer for buying lighting materials for decoration as well as clothes or glossary for making faral or readymade who can make faral for all this we can run Facebook and google ads because for all these people are looking for a particular period and searching on the internet we can create search ads for particular words and run such campaign and help you definitely in our business.it is 

Social media marketing

you can make a social media marketing campaign if you runnings or small business as well as you can sell online courses because no of people are on social media so we can target people by location interested and by age what business we run according to this we can run our social media campaign it is cheap as compare to google ads .so you have to select a proper business plan according to your business.

These are some best advertising options for your business on the occasion of Diwali hope you like this and you will run a successful campaign to make sell.


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