Why Digital advertising agency charges are more than a freelancer 

why digital marketing agency charges more than freelancer

why digital marketing agency charges more than a freelancer

we know Digital advertising agency charges are more than freelancer what are the major reason behind that will see in  this blog

 First we have to know about who is freelancer .freelancer is the independent skilled person who handles all the work related to digital marketing projects it may be graphic design or content writing or SEO Services many more other works And other hand digital marketing agency separate organisation which have a number of employees will handle different types of work  so today we discuss on the some points which is give the difference of digital marketing agency and freelancing services.

Point on the basis Digital advertising agency charges are more than freelancer 

  1. Office
  2. Resources
  3. Services
  4. Charges
  5. Support


If we discuss about office why are his required wale we want to discuss more about for understand the business and my marketing strategy we have to to meet face to face so so it required a place where we can discuss such things so so this marketing agency have separate offices so they can discuss with client block properly and give the best solution regarding their business but on the other hand freelancers services are totally online and many times it is not possible to attend the meeting with client on face to face so so you understand the business in the we required in office so it is the major difference


If we discuss resources it may be e software or employees if we want to  Run paid advertisement so digital marketing agency has the separate person who is expert in the paid advertisement as well as if you want to do SEO of your website then digital marketing agency provides SEO expert for every separate work digital marketing agency provide expert, as well as a digital marketing agency, have updated software which required for marketing. if we discuss freelancers they don’t have a number of resources  so they did all work with a limited person


Digital  marketing agency services have a number of services other than like WhatsApp marketing SMS marketing so  we get complete solution of our business marketing in one spot but freelancing services are limited so if you want to do other work we have to connect with other people I want to set your business all platform and Advertising to all channels you require digital marketing agency


If we discuss charges freelancer charges are less than 30 % compared to the agency but if you want quality work or you work on the big project then you must have to work with digital marketing agency


Digital marketing agency working for a long time so they will support a long time because they have financial security and survive for a long time but freelancer does not have such situation at some point they can switch to the job so if you want long time support then you can go with a digital marketing agency.