There are many mass messaging companies in the market claiming that their messaging platform can reach 100% mass messaging . People who don’t understand the mass messaging industry will think that this company is very strong. In fact, it’s not. Everyone knows about mass messaging. Deeper people know that this is a kind of false propaganda, because the arrival rate of SMS group sending is less than 100%. Why is it said that the arrival rate of SMS group sending cannot reach 100%? The following editor will give you a detailed introduction.

1. From a technical point of view, this is not guaranteed by even operators, because short messages have to be transmitted over the network, and there will be a very small amount of data loss, which is often referred to as packet loss, although this type of situation is an isolated phenomenon , But no one can avoid it;

2. From the perspective of receiving, the target number sent may include invalid numbers such as available numbers, arrears, blacklists, etc. Therefore, there are a few customers who cannot receive text messages.

In summary, the arrival rate of group SMS messages will not reach 100%. If there is a platform with this kind of publicity slogan, it is recommended that you keep your eyes open when choosing to prevent them from taking money to do nothing.

In addition, the arrival rate of SMS group sending has a certain relationship with the industry. The arrival rate of SMS group sending in different industries is different. The division of the industry is generally as follows:

1. Four categories (real estate, education, immigration and study, finance)

2. Supermarket chains (supermarkets, department stores, etc.)

3. E-commerce (Taobao, Tmall, Vipshop, etc.)

4. Platforms (life services, payment, logistics, etc.)

5. Others.

Among them, four types of short messages are the most difficult to send because they are strictly controlled by operators, and their success rate is low. The other four types of text messages can be divided into marketing text messages and industry text messages (verification code text messages and notification text messages). The success rate of industry text messages is much higher than that of marketing text messages.